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Golf Technology Breakthroughs

Golf technology is constantly changing. And the progress is even more impressive when you take a look back in time at how people use to play. Here’s a list of some of the most important breakthroughs in golf history. For … Continue reading

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Best Golf Balls to Cure A Slice

To cure a slice, golfers will try almost anything. We’ve taken a long look at all the crazy devices people have put together to try to accomplish that seemingly impossible task – from pool floating devices to lip balm to … Continue reading

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Slice Stories: Highlight of the Round

A while ago, when I was first learning to play golf, I would play with a foursome in which one of the players had a notorious slice. As a result, he began playing with a highlighter-colored ball, which he claimed … Continue reading

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What a Golf Ball Looks Like At Impact

It all happens so fast. You take the club back and – smack! You knock it out toward the fairway. Though it`s hard to believe, the ball actually contracts when impacted by such force. It’s this elasticity of the ball … Continue reading

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