A Great Review for Pause-N-Throw

guy_with_thumbs_upAt Pause-N-Throw, we’ve found that one of the results of creating a good product is a whole lot of positive feedback. One satisfied user had this to say:

“Let me just say that as a 56 year old playing my 5th round five weeks after a right total knee replacement, your Pause-N-Throw device has helped me release my hands so perfectly so often, I am now able to drive the ball 250 yards plus and hit my PW almost 130 yards!

The device limits my “overreaching” during my backswing and with my new knee I am able to lift my back heel and whip my hands through the ball time after time driving my playing partners nuts!

The Pause N-Throw device is a real insight into the teachings of Mike Austin! I also believe the “Pause-N-Go” method was so far ahead of it’s time that now newer research is catching up to your insights and Mike Austin’s techniques!”

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