Pause-N-Go Golf helps golfers improve quickly and get more enjoyment out of their time on the course. The Pause-N-Go swing, together with the Pause-n-Throw training aid simplify the swing, put the golfer in the correct position at the top of the back swing and promote a powerful weight shift for solid ball striking. The Pause-N-Go swing, which works with different swing types, has been tested on a wide range of players. Immediate improvement is seen at every level. Many players say they now hit the ball farther. All Pause-N-Go golfers report greater consistency, accuracy and distance control.

A friendship on the links led to the formation of Pause-N-Go Golf. Gary Sanati, founder of an internationally-recognized engineering firm, and Philip Reed, an award winning novelist and sports writer, often shared golf tips and swing theories. As they improved they were eager to help others golfers. Gary finally hit on the Pause-N-Go swing as the key to helping beginning and intermediate golfers improve their games quickly. He shared the idea with Phil who proved the effectiveness of the swing for himself. He wrote the training manual and helped develop the Pause-n-Throw training aid. The two friends still play golf together and are now brainstorming about improve chipping and putting techniques.